Ireland was one of the first countries to lay claim to whiskey production, with its oldest recorded legal distillery dating back to the 1700’s. It’s a long and fascinating story of magnificent glory and survival, riddled with famine, two world wars, a struggle with independence, US Prohibition and many wider cultural and economical difficulties.

American Whisky
Connemara Original

Palate: Silky smooth with a honey sweet start followed by complex aromas of fruit and malt, giving way to full-bodied peat

Over Ice
  1. Pour 30ml Connemara over ice in a whiskey or rocks glass

Inspired by Ireland’s ancient distilling traditions, Connemara’s smooth sweet malt taste and complex peat flavours makes it a truly unique Irish whiskey. Connemara is the most decorated Irish whiskey with a huge collection of gold medals and has been honoured as the “Worlds Best Irish Single Malt”. Connemara allows you to unearth the peated pleasures of Ireland.

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